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New Contributor john_symons
New Contributor

appalling service

so i have been having a problem with mobile data for over 2 months and recently decided to contact to have it fixed, as you will all know, and the reason why i waited so long is because optus generally make problems wirse when they "fix" it

so after spending the last week on the phone and luve chat to have this problem fixed i have been lied to, fobbed off, promised resolutions and not had them delivered, until today when i absolutely lost my sh!t with them, problem solved for 3 hours and now back to square one, winning not

there is no way to talk to anyone that has any idea and i am suck and tired of being told all the usual crap to make me go away, time to fix it, they wont even give me a reason as to why data is out, and i even got told that im not in a 4g area although ut was a 4g area 2 months ago

so true to form, stoptus have really helped me

no assistance, lies, and $250 per month for this?

appalling optus

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Moderator Tris

Re: appalling service

Hi there, it's disappointing this has been your experience, what exactly is the problem? Do you know if it's been raised for further investigation? It's strange the Customer Service team would suggest they don't know what the problem is and not offer any follow up. 

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