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Hi all,


Since OptusZoo has gone to god...does anyone know where one can obtain offers, ringtone games etc that 'zoo' used to make available (at a price).

It is clear that optus convaluted zoo (made it far more complex than neccessary) ...but has any reliable, trustworthy & (maybe) economical portal replaced it?



Re: alternatives to Optuszoo


When was the last time you were able to make content purchases via Optuszoo? I've been here for a few years now and Its functionality that I've never been exposed to. 


Depending on the make of your handset, you're best to make these sort of purchases via the Google Play, Apple App store or Windows app store. 



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Re: alternatives to Optuszoo


G'day Dan,


Thanks for the note.


Been a contributor here for a while. However being in my 50's I do recall that optuszoo was content and competition based.

The content was ringtone and wallpapers and lots of other stuff.


I have a new samsung S8, and the stuff on google play is limited and google search result are dangerous.....spam and all sorts of stuff.


Hoped that someone out there had some positives experience for themes and ringtones...where google/playstore cannot.







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