accessing my call history


Hi I need to access a number I called about 3 months ago, that has accidently been deleted from my phone. 

I thought just login to optus and I will see it, however it only lets me look at calls made from the latest billing cycle, and I

cant see any option to download older bills.

Can anyone help find this number for me , would save plenty of headaches


Re: accessing my call history

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In the My Account portal under Your Bills you will see your account number on the far right side. If you click on that it should take you to a summary of previous payments. If you click on an older bill (View summary online) it will open up in a summary format however there is an option at the top of the screen to download the complete bill in PDF format.

Re: accessing my call history


Hey dcdadc, have you checked your bills as yet? You can retrieve PDF copies of the past 12 months which should hopefully help you find the number Smiley Happy

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Re: accessing my call history


Please help me access my call history for the last 4 months... I cannot see the numbers I've called. I lost my phone and need to contact someone that I messaged around June/July 2017 on a very important issue.

Re: accessing my call history


Hi @DennisG 


You will be able to find your call history details via My account by checking your bills online. 

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