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Yes Optus app


I am frustrated! I cannot find a way to access these forums from the app? Do I have to go through safari and log in every time?


Re: Yes Optus app




You can't access from the app.


No need to login to access the Yes Crowd forum, only need to login if you want to post.   

Bookmark Yes Crowd Forum as a favourite in Safari and the joys of the forum are just a click away.



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Re: Yes Optus app


Thanks.. I really thought that it would have been part of the App! I thought I was having many blonde moments not being able to find discussions on it! Phew not going crazy!  Does Optus think that it might be a good add to app? It’s called the “yes Optus” app just as this discussion board is called the “yes crowd” at Optus? A little confusing! 

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