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New Contributor Stevan
New Contributor

Yes Data Breakdown - 37% “”?

I have been eating through data recently a lot faster than normal, when checking usage in the Yes App, it shows normal usage for Netflix, Browsing, social media etc, but there’s a huge chunk for 37% showing as “”?


i dont use anything else other than Spotify, Netflix and social media/browsing so curious as to what this is. When checking daily use there is 0 for every day but 4 days where it’s over 1gb a day?




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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Yes Data Breakdown - 37% “”?

Hi Steve.

It sounds like the description when checking daily use doesn't provide enough insight? I've never seen it on my own devices, perhaps maybe @petergdownload or @Davelew may have it appear in their data breakdown and can shed some light? 

Your device should also have info on recent data usage, e.g. for Android it could be under Settings / Data usage / Mobile data usage displaying how much data each of your apps have used over the set period.

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Crowd Champion Davelew
Crowd Champion

Re: Yes Data Breakdown - 37% “”?

Hi @Ray_YC 

Not the best month to show my mobile data usage as I have not used much mobile data much this current month.   

I've never seen Optus in my usage as far as I can recall but have attached a screen shot.



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New Contributor benjy1507
New Contributor

Re: Yes Data Breakdown - 37% “”?

Same here Steve. Optus told me uts youtube thats chewing thru the data due to some sort of merger with optus n youtube with this unexpected data usage. The problem is apparently being fixed I was informed and she said thousands have complained. 

I was advised in the interim to uninstall youtube but I cant as its part of the android google system my samsung runs on. So I turned off anything I could in youtube, uninstalled all the updates I.d done on the app, unsubscribed to the few things I had.

So we.ll see what happens. I also asked if I getting my stolen data back but she couldnt answer that.



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