Yes Crowd - What is your favourite app?

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Hi Yes Crowd,

Yours truly is going to do a long overdue phone upgrade this weekend to the S10. It must have been Kara_YC's review!

Part of this will be searching for new apps to play with, who better to ask than our Community for what their favourite app is? Especially the not so common ones. Let me know by leaving a comment Smiley Happy

I just recently found out about the Rain Parrot app (Apple only though, I'll still have one of those also) and it looks like it will definitely come in handy with my cricket season about to start.

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Re: Yes Crowd - What is your favourite app?


l like Feedly app. 😉

Re: Yes Crowd - What is your favourite app?


Flight Radar 24 is my favourite - do love to watch the planes (and I do subscribe to the yearly gold package to get more info etc).

Once I get my "iPhone 11 Pro Max" I may get a new fav app, but until then as above Smiley Happy 

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Re: Yes Crowd - What is your favourite app?


I agree with @Paddylee  in that flight radar 24 is my favourite app. I love knowing what is flying around me and what might be a good photo opportunity  

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