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New Contributor normalsuper
New Contributor

Wrong order delivery and delay on the galaxy note 9

Hi team,


I'm extremely unhappy with how my note 9 order being handled. Contacted live chat to pre-order the galaxy note 9 512gb blue ocean, I repeated 5 times with the sales person to ensure my order will be delivered correctly as I had the same issue with my iphone in previous contract and guess what? it delivered with wrong color.

Contacted live chat again, took me a while to explain the situation, they promised to me that new phone will be delivered to me within 24-48hrs. I waited for 3 days and nothing delivered - contacted them again, they said order has been delivered successfully (WTH?) ok I had repeated myself again - and was told sorry its a system error - we will deliver your order within 24-48hrs.

Until now, I had contacted live them 5 times, keep repeating myself over and over and over, they gave me an empty promise everytime i contacted them that my order will be out within 24-48hrs.

This has going for 2 weeks now, I have been so frustrated as this wasn't the first time, I had to defer my weekend trip as I was planning to shoot photos & videos to test out the new phone and gimbal for my youtube channel.


Optus , if you read this, contact me as as possible as I have reach the limit of my patience and ready to switch over to another network carrier.



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RetiredModerator Tano

Re: Wrong order delivery and delay on the galaxy note 9

Hey @normalsuper, far from ideal and apologies for the ongoing runaround you've received here. We can certainly take a look at this and see what's happen, and if there's been any further updates from our Sales Support team. We may still need to refer through to our Sales Direct team → 1300 929 949, but we'll see if there's anything we can do. Send through a private message confirming full name, account/phone number and DOB, and we'll work from there.

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