Wrong colored Samsung...TWICE!


Im at my wits end! I ordered a Gold Samsung S8 over the christmas sales and got a great plan....however after waiting over a month for delivery i opened my box to find...SILVER! 

So when i finally get a hold of somone, I also complained about lack of porting. so we tried to reorder my phone in gold and port at the same time. EPIC FAIL.

After a few weeks i recived my new "gold" phone, but still no port so i cannot use my optus service. Optus credited me with one month for loss of service, and when i opened the gold box gues what? its SILVER!! AGAIN!!

So i called again and was advvised to try instore or the samsung store itself. Let me tell you Samsung were all apologetic and even let me see a gold phone, but as the phone was with optus i had to go via them. So i went to the MELBOURNE CENTRAL store at which i was asked to leave as "why would we swap handsets with you? then we would be one short and its not in my best interests" from the supposed assitant mananger. She then refused to discuss my porting questions with me and asked me to leave. I was shocked.

So I called again, this time i thought ill give up on the gold and will lodge a complaint but focus on getting this port through so i can use this service im paying for. apparently all fixed porting within a day or two max. Never eventuated. I also had a missed call from my customer service rep leaving a message to advise me no more golds left in optus full stop. thanks. So im stuck with a phone i hate and paying for a plan i cant use, with no relief in site.

I left it a couple weeks so i wouldnt be so mad and called again tonight where i got disconnected twice. So i thought id try the chat platform. who very politley told me that theres no gold left (which took over an hour to work out) and i didnt even get to the porting issue as it was so late i thought the poor girl would never get home! I plan to try again tomorrow night after work and see what happens.

In thier defence they did offer a 10$ discount for me to keep the silver phone, but its not the point. 

I offered a compromise - let me pick another phone that was contained in the original deal as a replacement, not just another silver samsung. which i was advised they would not do without changing my plan to a current one, which is the only reason i havent left as it was a good plan. To rub salt in the wound whilst i was on the phone holding to optus i get a late payment sms reminding me to pay my phone bill... that bill for a phone i cannot use and dont want because if i do use it its used and i have no chance of swapping it back. when raised with the CO she said that i could always just use the sim in another phone and use a number i dont want so i should pay the bill. Not sure i agree with that, whats the point of using a new number for one week when hopefully youll have your old one ported next week? hopefully? regardless my current handset is locked to another carrier so i cant.

My discussions with the TIO keep coming to the conclusion i should demand to be released from my plan, 2 wrong phones and 2 failed ports and being billed for unuseable servies is pretty much optus not meeting thier obligations. 

I dont know what to do people! Ive asked for it to be escalated but its going no where. Do i give up and loose the great data plan i got over xmas and walk, or do i keep a phone for 2 years i hate and keep the good plan? 

Re: Wrong colored Samsung...TWICE!

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The pinicle of consumer technical achievement and it's the wrong colour? You hate it? Buy a gold coloured 1mm case and be happy. Smiley Happy




Peter Gillespie

Re: Wrong colored Samsung...TWICE!


No he can't do that, because tl;dr

Re: Wrong colored Samsung...TWICE!


Sorry to hear about the issues with your phone order, it certainly shouldn't be this much of a hassle to sort out for which I can only apologise.


Has the port since been completed so you can use the device? Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to assist with swapping the handset, but I can follow up to see why your port still hasn't gone through, and address any billing issues.


Feel free to send me a private message with your phone number, full name and DOB. I'll check it out and follow up asap.

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Re: Wrong colored Samsung...TWICE!


That is just priceless... and hilarious.

You could not make this shyte up, am I right?

On the upside, Toomey is on the case and I can tell you from experience - Toomey gets stuff done !

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