Worst customer support ever?


So heres the story.

Contacted optus online chat to move to pre-paid on the 27th Novemeber. They said, yup all good. We will send you your final bill in two weeks and it will pop straight over to pre paid.

Contacted again today 5/12/2017, because there was no change. So i speak to a new representative who says the original agent did not complete the transfer. No worries, ill do it for you! GREAT!

Only now, my mobile number was canceld half way to dinner tonight. So i did not have any contact to the venue, nor did i know where to go because i could not get an internet connection to connect to google maps after i initially tried restarting my phone.

I then went to purchase a recharge for my current mobile thinking they just canceled my current plan to find out my mobile number has been fully deleted

So im already very late to dinner with the family, i have a sim that does not exist anymore. Im at home on a wifi connection and  cannot access my optus app because it keeps crashing. I uninstall the app and reinstall but it says you need celluar enabled to acceass it which i do not have because of all of the things that happened above. I then try to go onto the website to log on their home page. I try to log on. The page wont load.  Try again, type in my details. Page wont load. GREAT!

Now i have to call my father up, get his login detail for his computer, log in. Do the whole process again and finally get in. Now im in, i try once agani to re-charge but i cant. So the next best thing to do is... Go to the online 24/7 chat service!

Oh wait, its broken. I cant click on any of the chats, its either disabled or the support system is down. So iv been trying for the past 4 hours to get my phone working now, Its nearly midnight and i have to be awake for work at 4am for work in the morning. I do my business calls off this phone and i need it to coduct daily activities. 

Thank you optus for providing me with the most hellish technical experience i have had EVER. 

If you even bother to reply to the twitter post, the facebook post or this forum post, i really would like to see how you handle this DO NOT get my original mobile number back its going to cause a great deal of inconvinience for not only me but all of my contacts, customers and job applications i have been dealing with.

Thank you.

Please feel free to leave similar situations you have had if you are reading this and can relate. 

Re: Worst customer support ever?


I've escalated your thread straight up so hopefully to grab the attention of a Optus rep and hopefully sort the issue. Good luck!

Cheers Dave

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Re: Worst customer support ever?


Disappointing to hear about your experience with us here @RhyGilboy. Have you had any further updates around this since posting your message here? If not, are you able to send through a private message with the full name, account number and DOB attached to the services so we can follow up on this for you?

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Re: Worst customer support ever?


I agree one hundred percent with the original poster.


The customer service I received from Optus so far has been useless and very rude. A complete waste of time when you pay for a service and get told “we will call you sometime in the next 10 days”

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