Worst Experience With Optus

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Hi ,


I tried to port in 2 mobile numbers to Optus from Amaysim, I talked to the chat support and they said porting will be done in maximum 4 hours ( as it was Friday so i doubled confirmed with them) so i started to activate the Optus Sim Card through online and gone through all the steps including payment .


Now I decided to activte my second Sim Card ,  but I read if i add second service i will get some benfits so called the customer support. The support guy insist me to activate over the phone but i refused it and asked him to help with interent activation process , But he refused it as i am not activating the over the phone and terminated the call so rudly.


So i continued to activating the next sim in similar way as the first one.


Friday, Saturday, Sunday gone! Sim cards are not activated.


On Monday morning around 8.00 am Amaysim Released my numbers so from this point i have no working phones to recieve calls and my business enquiries. I contacted chat support they said Sim cards will be activated in ext 15 mins but no luck , Again I called customer support around 2.00 pm and they put me to activation team and that guy wondered why the SIM's are not activated and he activated my SIM Cards straight away.


After activating the Simcards  there is no recharge , They said the recharge is not done as requested due to a issue and again i need to do it manually .


At this point  i am very much diappointed with OPTUS SERVICES and looking for proper answer and compenstation to the loss, so called Customer support 


After a  long queue/wait for 30 mins my call connected to customer support and i clearly mentioned the purpose of call on the starting of the discussion,  then immediatley she transffered my call to activation team with out any introduction and the lady in the activation team said she can't handle this queries so again routed me to customer support, Again after 30 mins wait call connected to anothe customer support agent and explain whole thing again and she offered me $30 credit which is ridiculous and  asked to connect me her supervisor but she connected me to Sales Departmnet again without any introduction and the guy from sales team listend the whole senerio and said it's not my department . He asked me wait to route the call to customer support again, but i don't have anymore patience to wait another 30 mins and don't know where I will be transffered this time if i get connected to customer support.


This much hassle just to port number! 


Who is responsible for my lost Business Enquiries/Calls.

There is no communication about the glitch in their system.


Thanks Guys

Re: Worst Experience With Optus


I know this may sound stupid but have you restarted the phone ? I couldn't get mine to connect until i did this .....

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Yikes! So sorry to hear about all the issues you had with the port @Prav24. I hope your service is now active on the Optus network. If not, please reach out to us online here via Live Chat so we can look into this for you ASAP. 

Re: Worst Experience With Optus

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Yep, I Restarted couple of times, and Activation guy said still not ported beacause of their system issue. So no use of restart

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Hi MOD(@EV), My service is active now thanks for asking. But I need to suffer for you system issues, I missed my business enquiries on Monday morning and who is resposible for that and who will compensate the losses.


On Monday Phone support said someone will give me call in 24 hours to sort out this issue , I am counting its 5 days now and no one contacted me. I am not sure wheather this would happen or just to divert me. Anyways I have enough proofs to complaint to TIO if no one call me in next couple of days.



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Sorry to hear that @Prav24, any credits are assessed by our Customer Care team on a case by case basis. It's best to discuss this further with them so they can check out the charges you've received for the time you were unable to use the service.

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Marie that is a rediculous reply. I'm sure he would love to discuss this with the customer care team BUT it is almost impossible to get to the customer care team. As he has stateed he was told they would call him in 24hrs. It sounds like he is still waiting.


This is why customers are getting fed up with OPTUS. Simple problems that should be resolved quickly are left to fester and arent resolved. Poeple at OPtus pass the buck constantly and dont liosten to what is being said to them so therefore dont deal with the problem at hand. This all plus no wait times whenever you try and call and you end up with very angry customers.


Whats even worse is that the Customer Care team dont do what they say they are going to do leading to more frustration


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Still no one contacted me, Thats strange. Is any optus customer support team watching this crowd system or to just created for their customers sake to solve the issues among themeselevs without troubling  / distrubing their support team. I don't want to call the customer support and waste my time. I am not sure if any offical will see this thread and ping me privately so i will give my details. 


Thanks @bradh99 for your support

@Ev_ , @Marie Issue is not resloved still, Do you have any suggestions

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Unfortunately it seems whoever is controlling the customer service teams at Optus is asleep at the wheel.


Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman is your best bet.


After logging a case there 18 hours ago I have received multiple notifications that my case is under investigation. Fingers crossed.

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@Prav24, it's a community run forum. As moderators, we'll step in where necessary.


For the most part, we do rely on our contributors to offer advice based on their own personal dealings with Optus.


In saying that, it sounds like you've done the most you really can from your end. I'm happy to try and be of some assistance here.


You're welcome to send us a PM with your account details. I need your full name, DOB and mobile number. As far as compensation is concerned, we can cover you for the day you without service but if you're claiming some form of business loss then we'd need to refer you through to our customer relations group.


You'll be assigned a case manager, who'll act as your point of contact.


From experience, they'll ask that you produce a proof of income/loss statement. An assessment will be made from there.


Follow the URL below and I’ll respond back as soon as I can.


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