Worst Customer Service Ever, kept me on the phone for 1.5 hours with no solution provided

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*moderated* its absolutely shocking customer service from Optus. I was getting charged for my ipad plan, the contract ended two months back. I called Optus just with a simple question asking when my ipad plan ended & why are you charging for the plan. The first lady, BEL, taken my call, couldn't understand her english & she has no clue of the issue I am asking her. she kept me for 10-15  minutes on the hold & came back to say you need to pay the amount, do you want to cancel or continue the plan. I asked her politely to pass on to someone else. Now starts the real show, absolute rude, disgusting attitude lady, MIN, sounds like indian sub continent lady,  if i remember right. What a respone on the phone. as if a boss asking question to her junior. what is it ??, what is that?? *moderated* on you lady, better change your job if you are not interested. I got *moderated* off & asked to pass on to some one else.  They passed on to over *moderated* Chris. who was so smart saying he can't hear me properly. And asking do you want to cancel the plan & we do charge the expired plan until the customer confirms tio stop. With frustation I asked to cancel the plan & stop charging me. And I asked I want to complain on the second lady I spoke with along with the reference number for the call. They transferred the call to a lady. She was patiently hearing my story & doesn't understand hiow a plan works. she is asking if i am leasing the device.......

She kept me on hold & came back saying that because the plan has already cancelled, she can't help. If the plan was not cancelled she would have found a solution. And suggested she is happy to transfer the call to the sales department so that they can suggest a IPAD plan. I lost all my energy & hope on this *moderated* company , OPTUS, and asked her I can't hold the phone anymore for  more than 1.5 hours. Requested her to organise a call back. Later in the day there was a call which I didn't answer. To my surprise i got a new bill for the new billing cycle from 16/july/2019 to 15/august/2019 by chargiong me for the finished plan IPAD.


Inefficient staff, incompetent company, I don't know how it is surviving. In the past if the corporate companies doesn't care for the customer, we have seen billion dollar companies vanished. I ask OPTUS to cancel all my plans home phone & internet plans along with IPAD plan. I have been with OPTUS for the past 4-5 years. *moderated* on you OPTUS!



Re: Worst Customer Service Ever, kept me on the phone for 1.5 hours with no solution provided


Hi Ozzie,

That is disappointing to hear about your experience.

From what you described it should be fairly straight forward to resolve however this is not something that we can assist with here on the forum. 

If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details. 

Let us know how you go.

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Re: Worst Customer Service Ever, kept me on the phone for 1.5 hours with no solution provided


I just posted about poor reception and saw your dilema.  I cant even get through to their customer service line as I drop out.  After reading your post I am definately not going to bother calling them to speak with someone who doesnt care and cant communicate in English.  Looks like I will have to go into the store and get really really angry.  Hopefully I dont soil myself and try and clean up in store, last time that happened I managed to get it on the ceiling at at Ford dealership. Damn Parkinsons disease coupled with Terretts syndrome.    

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