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I fail to see why optus would text me at 2:00am to inform me of my data usage.

I want to receive the updates but not in the middle of the night.

I turned my data off hours before the text message.

I do need my phone on as i have elderly parents.

Seriously shouldn't have to inform optus of this  unless I'm the only one with the issue.

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I agree and I suspect the delay in the data usage reporting is responsible for this. I do believe you can change the alerts to email via the my account portal or possibly the Optus app if you have it installed.





Re: Woken up


Optus internal systems don't can only keep track of data within 15 minutes to 48 hours of when you use it (unless you are prepaid in which case Optus can keep track of data to the second). These days when an unintended click can result in Gbs of data being downloaded (and very expensive usage fines) in a very short period most people would want to get usage updates as soon as possible.


@Yeldarb had a good option and you may also be able to set your phone to handle SMS etc. differently. (Perhaps set your parents numbers up as always ring but everything else can wait until the next day?)


Peter Gillespie

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