Will phone arrive in time


I purchased my iPhone on the 7th of May where the order was later confirmed on the 8th of May and was told my phone would arrive in 3-5 business days. It is now the 21st of May and I was notified yesterday by Optus that my order was confirmed at the warehouse and being prepared to be sent to me. I need my phone urgently by next week as I am going away overseas. Will it arrive in time????


Re: Will phone arrive in time


You should be pretty safe. Unfortunately Optus doesn't seem to provide any indication if its products are out of stock. Its delivery promise should really read "Delivered in 3-5 business days, unless it takes longer". They also don't seem to provide any notice of a delay and you'll only get told when the item is ordered, in the warehouse and delivered. 


The good news is if the phone is in stock (or in the warehouse) then its usually very quick to get to your house after that. 


Peter Gillespie

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