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Occasional Contributor PCrowy
Occasional Contributor

Will my phone ever arrive?!



Long story short, I've been waiting almost a month since i ordered a Samsung Galaxy S8+ online. I have been given many different dates by Optus but they have all come and gone and still no phone. Apparently now they don't have any in stock at the warehouse and don't know when they are expecting more. Surely a billion dollar company can figure out a date when the next shipment is.. or do they magically appear at random? 


Here's my order of events if you're interested:


11/11/18 Ordered my phone online

12/11/18 Received confirmation email and sports subscription details

22/11/18 I contacted Optus and they said there was a problem switching my phone number from my old provider and had to cancel my order and re-order. Later that day the tracking updated stating that my order has been processed and they are waiting for it to arrive at their warehouse. I used Optus 24hr online chat and was told i would have my phone within 1 week. That evening i received a text message from Optus saying my expected delivery date was 26/11/18.

26/11/18 Nothing

30/11/18 I used Optus 24hr online chat. They said they were still waiting for my phone at the warehouse. No date could be given.

4/12/18 I used Optus 24h online chat. I started by asking if there was any S8+ in stock at warehouse. I was told "Yes we have S8+ in stock". She said if i ordered one i would have it within 5 days. I then told her i ordered it 24 days ago. She could not answer and transferred me. The next operator said they didn't have any at warehouse and were still waiting. Couldn't give me a date.

7/12/18 Today and still nothing.


This is killing me not having a decent phone with no reception. I'm using a shitty cheap phone and having to buy credit. I have been lied to by Optus staff a number of times. It has been 26 days. Keep in mind the website said 3-5 days when i ordered. 

Surely there's an Optus store in Australia who can send me an S8+. 


Sorry for long post, can anyone help me?







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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Will my phone ever arrive?!

Unfortunately Optus customer Service do not appear to have any direct information from the warehouse. The Optus distribution service appears to hinge on a two key dates:


1) You get confirmation when its ordered

2) You get confirmation the day it is being sent out (usually the day after you get it)


 All other points in the supply chain appear to be as opaque to Optus Staff as it is to its customers. As a result it seems some staff just make stuff up.


At this stage I would suggest just cancelling the order (and any related contract). Not sure how feasible that is with respect to keeping phone numbers etc. Perhaps cancel the phone and keep the plan (minus phone payments). You can get a S8+ online delivered in five days for $550. 


I'll flag @Dan_C as a mod who might be able to find out some additional info, but as we are now heading into the weekend its likely to have to wait another few days sorry.




Peter Gillespie

Occasional Contributor PCrowy
Occasional Contributor

Re: Will my phone ever arrive?!

Thanks for the info. I don't want to cancel because i got the $55/month deal and that deal has now ended. So it has gone back up to $70. Actually i don't even think Optus online store has the S8+ anymore. Maybe that's whats causing the delay.

Anyway i will keep waiting.. surely it wont be forever.

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Will my phone ever arrive?!

Understood. Optus deals (and network) when you eventually get the phone are IMO very good and value for money. 


Where Optus falls down is handling (not unreasonable) customer expectations to be kept in the loop, not lied to and when issues do arise they are properly dealt with. None of which you are getting at the moment.


Peter Gillespie

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