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Hi guys,


I have recently got myself connected to the optus mobile broadband and I have wifi calling enabled on my phone. When my phone gets connected to the mobile broadband, does the WiFi calling feature use any of my mobile broadband data? 


I know it doesn't make any sense to use it at home since they are both going through 4G anyway...but I prefer to leave the feature on as I use it quite often at uni due to problems with reception.


Re: Wifi calling on Optus Mobile Broadband


Hey there,


I believe that data is only unmetered on fixed Optus connections.


That being said, you phone is set up to preference mobile connections before wifi by default - so, if you have reception for your hotspot then your phone will use the Optus mobile connection, unless you've changed the settings specifically.


There's some useful info and instructions you can use here:

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Re: Wifi calling on Optus Mobile Broadband


Hey @jezzzzzza - thanks for reaching out. What @MiCCAS has outlined below is pretty spot on. If you have WiFi Calling enabled on your phone, but you have good coverage at the same time, your phone should automatically default to using it's own 4G connection rather than the WiFi Calling feature. 


WiFi Calling should only kick in if you have poor reception so I don't see a downside to leaving the setting enabled at all times.


That being said, I use WiFi Calling at home myself and find that it uses minimal amounts of data (you may make/receive a lot more calls than me though!) 

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