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I am trying to set up wifi calling on my iPhone 6. I have activated VolTe & turned wifi calling on as per instructions BUT no good! I have no mobile reception at home, so this is a feature I am really counting on! Do I need to be in an area with 4G reception to initialize the service perhaps???



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FYI.. I managed to get through to Optus tech support & he activated volte on my service! ALL GOOD NOW! Made Up!

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I recently leased a new Apple Iphone 7 plus. I have excellent FTTH at my home although my ISP is not Optus, I cannot get Optus due to the estate I live in however Broadband is excellent. The optus network is resonably fair outdoors at my home location and not as fair indoors. Thus I tried the wifi calling. I did not download the app I just used the feature within the iphone namely Wifi Talk ON.  However it is important to speak with tech Support at Optus and make sure they have activated the application within your account. To cut a long story short the calrity of calls made over the feature is sunblime and cannot be better. The Network circles do not increase rather obvious but once the wifi calling is seen on the iphone display you can assume you are connected and able to use the feature. For me it works perfectly so I am happy ATM however I know this will not be the case for all Optus customers. BTW I am yet to use the same feature on another wifi connection or hotspot away from my own home.  Good Luck!

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