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Why is the plan cheaper, 2 days after i re-contracted to another 12 months plan ?

Hi, I just re-contracted with Optus for another 12 months on the 1st October 2018. Today (3rd October 2018) I checked the website and the exact same plan that I chose is now cheaper !  Why can't I change it to the cheaper plan  if it's exactly the same ? I was advised that I will get termintation fee. But all I want is to be go for the exact same plan which now costs cheaper. I do not wish to terminate the service.

Please advise!

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Re: Why is the plan cheaper, 2 days after i re-contracted to another 12 months plan ?

Hi @Confusedzzz - can appreciate this is quite frustrating. 

I'm afraid in this situation there's not much we can do. On the 1st of October when you agreed to the 12 month plan, that was the price at that point of time. 
That being said, we're always reviewing and updating our plans, so i'm quite confident when your 12 month plan comes to an end, there will be something else out there for you or another special offer you can take advantage of.


Apologies for the experience, I can understand this is not ideal. 

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