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Why is the customer service on the telephone so bad?

I have been on the phone now for 20 minutes, currently being transfered for the third time, after the first assistant played the game with my call, placing me on hold for no reason for 5 minutes before transfereing me to the wrong section of the call watitng game. Billing to be exact, when my only issue is that Optus has seen fit to remove my call waiting, for no reason at all. What that has to do with billing is beyond me. I am still on hold, over 25 minutes now.

I am waiting while this is being written, so you all at optus can take this pointless journey with me. Oh ya, on the 27th minute i had to relay my personal details for the 3rd time, on the SAME call, pointing out again your inability to leave my service as it was to begin wtih. 

30 minutes, still waiting for the third transfer to rectify the issue you caused by removing my call waiting....

It is curious as to how you have managed to keep so many customers when your customer service is so utterly lacking, and thinks that playing games with the customers is ok, when he could barley speak english!

35 minutes.... of my time, to rectify an issue that never should have been in the first place. 

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Esteemed Contributor

Re: Why is the customer service on the telephone so bad?

Yep telephone support is something I always try to avoid. The live chat seems to be the go these days.

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