Why is my IP address is NSW


Hi, quick question. I am being blocked from seeing some information online as my IP address shows I am in NSW. I am in Tasmania however so am finding this quite frustrating. Any idea why this is happening and how I can change it?

Re: Why is my IP address is NSW

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I'm not sure I understand the question as geographically blocking an IP address would be the same no matter where you are in Australia. My IP address often shows I am connected somewhere in Sydney and when I send mail it shows it's coming from Melbourne. I am not near either of those locations. If you are using a mobile the IP address often changes many times a day on its own.

Re: Why is my IP address is NSW


Hi @niceslacks.


By default we issue Dynamic IP's which means your address will change, more specifically will change when you power cycle your modem or change between mobile towers. Are you connecting through a fixed internet connection or our mobile towers? It's is quite normal for this to be the case where your service is reported from another location in Aus. Depending on the type of service, you can change to a static IP however you're not able to specify the location of the IP.


I've not ever faced an issue where I've been blocked by an Aus server outside of the state I'm currently located in, it's certainly strange. Have you reached out the website host / content provider about this?, if so, did they just advise you to get in touch with us, your ISP?

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