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Why don't Optus respect customers?

Optus today started ANOTHER "upgrade" resulting in not being able to recharge mobile accounts. After wasting about an hour with the various ways to try and pay into the accounts system, and then searching online for news of what is happening; I ended up phoning customer support.

The tech support lady/person/free to-choose-gender indvidual (who seemed to have a conscience) informed me accounts could not be accessed until 8am in the morning (several hours later).  This is not the first time Optus "upgrades" have left me with no way to access the account system.  Fortunately I have a Vodafone mobile device which has never given me this problem, allowing me to connect with ample data allowance and hereby ask this question of the yescrowd, or is it sometimesgotservicecrowd or nocrowd or giveupcrowd. 

IS IT too much to ask for an SMS and a prominent notice on the website warning that things are going to be royally stuffed up later in the day?  In corporate-speak this message might be - The Optus website has maintenance scheduled for 12.00am.  Then the cash-cows/bulls/gender-non-identified-bovines like me who pay for the maintenance can quickly do their thing while the accounts system actually works, alternatively we can get our Vodafone or whatever device ready just in case Optus looses the plot again.

Funny how Optus CAN text me trying to sell me *moderated* I dont need. How about being grateful for my custom in the first place and treat me as if my money (over $3,000 a year) is worth a little respect.  If I treated my customers the way Optus do they would "be up me like a rat up a drainpipe".

P.S. Thank heaven for SBS.

P.P.S. What must it be like working for Optus knowing how they really treat customers (early handling of  the World Cup fiasco ring a bell?).  Feel sorry for the Optuslings with a conscience. Just go through a couple of threads on yescrowd to see the wierd language Optuslings have to use while pretending that Optus is all corporatey and OK.

No Optus is not OK and they should admit it and seriously get their act together.  Wait till I catch that Usain Bolt - I'll give 'im a piece of my mind too.

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Occasional Contributor

Re: Why don't Optus respect customers?

Same issues , having bad credit means no NBN , my prepaid is my only option , been a youtuber tonights upgrade of network on fortnite season 5 release I got to stream 2 games before 12 am , recharge fails , haven't tried voucher and can't travel to store to get one either its early hours and no transport , optus you've really stuffed up with the couple hours notice . that stats recharges will credit but not show .. I have zero balance so can't even access my channel to keep fan movement cracking .. Either way by 8am today "fortnite Season 5 opening viral videos" will have flooded the net and I lose out .. Your support system did me in circles ASD causing  and live chat doesn't seem to work with zero balance .. Fix this now please or allow free network use during major upgrades like this one currently happening for those you can't recharge, or balance runs out during upgrades ... Actually feel so let down .. Even one text reminder per day few days prior ... If my competor in streaming hits a mil views this week from any video created by them in since 12 am to 8am I'll start a gofund me for legal action for compensation.. Would totally understand if notification text CLEARLY STATED "YOU MUST RECHARGE BEFORE 10PM OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RECHARGE DURING NETWORK UPGRADES " but it didn't so massive fail on your behalf OPTUS .. Love ya while your working. . PS made it through to customer service in tech faults number and they are stuck to do anything either . Higher up was unclear to them on about what lack of access they have to prepaid services call repceit number 1524994512 .. Going to have one last try at a recharge .. I'll be back after I've napped this frustration off

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