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New Contributor Nophone
New Contributor

Where's my order

Anyone else chasing their online order they placed for Samsung S8 $44 promo deal including 20gb data. I could be up and running now if I went into store but because online offered double the data, I thought what the heck. I ordered on Sunday 20th May. Last day of offer and got temporary order number. Now have account number and different order number and tried tracking it but it just says track. Optus; I would love to get on with my life and business. I need this phone. Please advise when I should get my mobile? Already 2 weeks today. This is ridiculous. Please send out!!!

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RetiredModerator Brock_E

Re: Where's my order

Thanks for reaching out, @Nophone.

Hmm, that's certainly odd 😕 It sounds like the device you've ordered might be out of stock. With that said, it's difficult for me to provide further insight without looking at your order.

If you can PM us your account details and any relevant order numbers, we'll take a look at this for you.

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