When did Optus stop waiving handset fees on early upgrade options?


I have been a customer with Optus for many years - at least three or four sets of 24 month mobile phone contracts. Normally when my contract is a month or two from expiry, there's a note in my account that says 'eligible for an early upgrade'. When I have used this option, I've been able to switch to a new 24 month contract with a new handset for no extra charge. 


This time when I followed the online early upgrade process, I received a temporary order ID. There was no indication in this process of any extra charges. Optus has just called to say that I would need to pay out my existing handset. I cancelled the order and will wait the extra 30 days to get onto a new contract. 


Has there been a change in process and when did this occur? It would be nice if this were more clearly explained in the early upgrade process. I can't imagine what eligibility for an early upgrade would mean otherwise ('we invite you to pay out your contract early so we can bank the revenue??') 


Re: When did Optus stop waiving handset fees on early upgrade options?


Hi @tamorr, our early upgrade process has changed, I'm really sorry this wasn't explained though. We're no longer charging early termination fees at any point on contracted plans, you do need to pay out any remaining hardware charges though when cancelling/upgrading within the contracted period. Were you sent a Critical Information Summary when you last upgraded? The contractual obligations are outlined in that document 

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