What to expect on your bill after re-contracting or changing my plan

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If you've changed plans or re-contracted part way through the month, the bill you’ll receive after the change will include usage and charges leftover from your old plan as well as usage and charges from the date that your new plan took over.


 Let’s look at the example below:


bill changing rate plan.png




1) Your plan: Your rate plan as of your existing bill period. You’ll also find your plan ID, which can be used to find a copy of your plan critical information summary.

2) Mid-month event: A description of a significant change that’s happened mid-month.

3) Credit back for unused portion of old rate plan: You’ll receive a credit back for the unused portion of your rate plan. As        you’ve already paid for your $35.00 My Plan Plus SIM only plan in advance. We credit back the unused portion of your plan, which is a $8.16. If we do the math, that’s $35.00 divided by the number of days within the calendar month (30), multiplied by the number of unused days (7) = 8.16.

4) Pro rata usage on new rate plan: Now, the new plan took over on the 08/05/18. You’re charged for usage on the new plan ($44.00 Promo Plus) between the date the new plan took over and your billing cycle (14th of each month).

5) Month in advance charge for your new plan: You’re charged a month in advance between billing period 15/05/18 – 14/06/18. That’s the full value of your new rate plan.

6) Handset repayment: on the new plan: In this case that’s $5.00 for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Gold handset


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Re: What to expect on your bill after re-contracting or changing my plan


Nice FAQs Dan Smiley Happy


I think for the recontracting category it should also be made clear that any 'bonuses' may take up to 60 days to appear. This is because the month you recontract (where everything is prorated) is not considered your 'first bill' for the new plan. I take issue with this but Optus consider the "first bill" to be the one that only lists your new plan. The second bill (where most Optus promtional bonuses are applied) is then only applied when the following month kicks in. 


So for a customer on a plan that goes 1-30 each month who decides to take up a new offer on the 5th will not see any bonus data for 25+30 days despite paying the same amount for the 12 month contract. This is a 15% reduction on any headline data plan.


Peter Gillespie

Re: What to expect on your bill after re-contracting or changing my plan



In the example above what happens to a users data allowance for the 8 days that is pro-rated? The customer has paid for the increased amount which should see the data allowance increased accordingly? If not then what rationale do Optus have for charging more when they are not providing more?


Peter Gillespie


Re: What to expect on your bill after re-contracting or changing my plan

If you've changed plans or re-contracted part way through the month, the bill you'll receive after the change will include usage and charges leftover from your old planas well as usage and charges from the date that your new plan took over.
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