What to expect on your bill after adding a new service to your account

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If you added an additional service to an existing Optus account, the gap between your service activation and your existing billing cycle is your pro rata billing period. You’re charged a portion of your plan fee & the full cost of your plan in advance.


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  1. Your plan: Your rate plan as of your existing bill period. You’ll also find your plan ID, which can be used to find a copy of your plan critical information summary.
  2. Pro rata usage on new rate plan: Now, the new plan took over on the 08/05/18. You’re charged for usage on the new plan ($44.00 Promo Plus) between the date the new plan took over and your existing bill cycle (14th of each month).
  3. Month in advance charge for your new plan: You’re charged a month in advance between billing period 15/05/18 – 14/06/18. That’s the full value of your new rate plan.
  4. Handset repayment: on the new plan: In this case that’s $5.00 for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Gold handset.
  5. Usage Charges: Any usage charges between your service sign up date and your existing bill cycle (if you’ve stayed within your plan allowance, this amount should be $0.00). 


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Re: What to expect on your bill after adding a new service to your account


Comcast doesn't actually bill you a month in advance, they bill you at the beginning of each billing period & it's due by a date near the end of that current billing period. (and if you pay at or near that "due by" date you've already used 90% of what your paying for

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