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What identification is needed to get an Optus plan?

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I don't have a driver's licence. Can I use a bank statement with my address on it to upgrade my plan?


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Hey there JanetChris72,

Just clarifying if you intend on upgrading your plan (ID is not required for this) or upgrading your phone?

If it's your phone, have you already tried upgrading online or at a store and was asked to produce ID?

One form of Primary ID is required:

  • Australian Driver's Licence (which you said you don't have)
  • Current Australian Passport (Australian or International with a current visa)
  • Current Proof of Age card* (with photo)
  • Australian Learners Permit
  • Australian Boating Licence
  • Australian Shooters Licence or Firearm Licence

* If you’re using a Proof of Age card, a current Medicare card must also be provided

along with secondary ID to make up the 100 points needed. Please see Optus ID requirements for the full info.

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