What happens after a flash Sale contract ends


What happens after your flash sale 12month contract ends? For example there is a 80GB for $40 flash sale happening as of 22/4/19. Usually it's $50. After 12 months, if I wish to stay with the plan, does it go back up to $50, or does it stay at $40 until I decide to change my plan?

Re: What happens after a flash Sale contract ends


On the plan page it has terms & conditions for this.


20% PLAN FEE DISCOUNT:Available if you are a new/recontracting customer who signs up to the $50 My Plan Plus 12M SIM Plan. The discount will apply for at least 12 months unless you change, recontract or cancel your plan. After 12 months we may remove the discount without notice. Not available with other offers. Ends 05/05/19 unless withdrawn earlier.


On the 13th month Optus can remove the discount with no notice as it was only for 12 months.

Most likely will be another promo in 12 months so it may work out fine.

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