Weak 4G signal in Parramatta area since Dec 2018


Is there something wrong with the 4G connection in Parramatta area. Since Dec 2018 we have been getting intermittent 4G connection the whole day. Before Dec 2018, 4G signal was very good. Today I have had 3G and H+ connections intermittently sometimes for hours. Browsing on the phone has been very difficult at times. Buffering and waiting times for pages to load. 


I have 4 mobile accounts with Optus and might get another provider if this continues to be a problem.


Is this a known problem?

Re: Weak 4G signal in Parramatta area since Dec 2018

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Hi there,

As Parramatta is quite a hub of activity, there are dozens of network towers there. Taking a look, almost all of them have no reported issues.
Have you completed any troubleshooting? i.e. restarted phone, reset network settings, tried SIM in another phone, etc. It might be worth popping in to the Yes Optus store there to ask if other customers have raised this to them (none have on here).

Is it happening everywhere in Parramatta or certain spots? Either way we suggest checking out our troubleshooting page and if still experiencing a problem, getting in contact with us.

Edit: Having VoLTE enabled works for some people also. 

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