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Warranty - Xperia Z3 not turning on.

What a surprise to visit the Sony forums and find other people are having the same issue as me. So can Optus help ?


My xperia Z3 is a year old, from the start it had overheating problems. These were not resolved and I lerned that by powering off and turning on, I could stop the battery drain. This was reported to Sony who suggested, surprise, that a reset might fix the problem. Again surprise, it didn't. I put up with it. Yes, for 12 months.


3 weeks ago, the phone wouldn't turn on. I took it back to optus (australia). They sent it back to their repairer. They reported that the phone had a bend in it and as such it wasnt covered under warranty. $680 to pay for the repair. Do I need to state it took 2 weeks for this simple diagnosis to get back to me ?


Phone has not been dropped (not significantly and not in the last month), always kept in protective case, screen is perfect, great care taken. Is there is no way to challenge the Optus ruling ? 12 months left on the plan.


Optus ?

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