Want to cancel my contract with Optus


Hey there, I signed contract with Optus for Iphone 6s last year in Nov 2016. My plan is based on $85 per month, I get 8GB, unlimited text messages, unlimited national calls and 300minutes for international calling. I really use my data over 5GB, never use my international minutes still i'm receiving massive bills since Nov 2016. My first bill was $137 (Paid), $288 (Paid), $371 (Paid) and then for the month of Jan was $351. I contacted Optus few times to look into this matter at the earliest and rectify any issues but no avail as customer support is based on computer system after hours. They are just taking money out of account. I have raised an issue with Telecommunication Industry Ombudsan and they have agreed to audit my bills and asked me not to pay any further bill to Optus if no solution has been provided. I have tried calling Optus few times but no avail. I have decided to cancel my contract and return back the Iphone 6s. Please advice what are the charges for cancelling the contract and procedure for returning the Iphone 6S? I can't afford excessive bill as i have family 5 to look after. I would look forward to hear your response at the earliest. In addition to that, I don't get proper service in my area as there is always call dropping. I live in Chatswood NSW. Never get more than one bar and at work it's pretty much not working even though i work in the middle of city. 



Re: Want to cancel my contract with Optus


Hey @Gurisngh, thanks for coming through and letting us know. I do agree that those charges seem excessive. Had not a single team member been able to run through your bills and advise of the excess charges that have been incurred? If the matter has been raised with the TIO then a member of our customer relations group will be assigned to you with in ten business days of your complaint being lodged. If you could send through a PM → - that would be great. We'd need your full name, DOB and account number. I'd be happy to run through your invoices and advise of any contract cancellation fees. 


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Re: Want to cancel my contract with Optus


Have been with optus for more than 3 Yrs. My plan was 60.00 $ plan. But recently when I checked my bills I realised I have been paying more than what I signup for. I dont understand I have been paying 20.00 or so more for so many months. This is making fool of people by Optus, by charging more than they actually sign up for. No Optus again. 



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