Waiving etc's when staying with optus


Hi there, my mobile phone plan is due to end on the 27th October 2018 and I would like to change over to a sim only plan. As there is only 2 months left of my contract, would optus waive the early termination fee's due to the fact I would be signing another 12 month sim only plan? I know that Telstra waives the ETC's when the contract is at the last 90 days so I was wondering if Optus does the same?


Re: Waiving etc's when staying with optus


Optus don't have contracts on the mobile plans anymore so if you were to recontract, you'd just be paying the final installments of your handset which I wouldn't expect to be overly high with 2 months left.


Previously they contracted you for the plan and the handset payments, now it's just the handset payments.

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