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Waala mobile

Hi I am on a plan i received my monthly bill where I was charged 21 dollars for making calls to this number 1800767584 

Details or the number states.

Service description is: waala mobivillage 

Supplier: D-mobile S. P. A


I went to the bill where it said I made 4 phone calls last one was made w weeks ago on the same day 1 hour apart both out going

1st call 30 min 

2nd call 19 minutes 


I am just wondering I never made these calls I feel like I might be in a different world is optus scaming people I have had the same problem before I just don't believe when these calls were made and what did I talk about for that long and it says out going too 

I don't remember subscribing to anything like this can someone please help me as to what's happening here I feel like someone aliens are using my phone 



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Honoured Contributor

Re: Waala mobile

Waala Mobile Village is a fraudulent company. Unfortunately Optus has for some time profited from Waala's fraudulent activities and pocketed a percent of the fraud in exchange for debiting your account for up to $200 a month if Waala says you want their services. 


The ACCC has recently ruled this arrangement misleading and deceptive.


Contact Optus and ask them to set yout Premium SMS limit to $0. 

Also request they refute the charges and you should get a refund in a few days.




Peter Gillespie

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