Re: Waala mobile subscription


These people are illegal crooks.


It's all over the Optus network - just check the message boards.


Ring Optus and tell them you want a review. Do not stop until they return your money.


We need to fight this illegal activity together.


Re: Waala mobile subscription


I have also been charged over $20 a month since I signed up with Optus and I was wondering why... My last 3 bill cycles have this Waala subscription thing and I don't even know how it got there. Anyone know how to get these charges reversed?

Re: Waala mobile subscription


Hello @Matt_T. If you send us a private message confirming your phone number, full name and date of birth, we'll help you lower your spend limit and raise a dispute against the charges. 

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Re: Waala mobile subscription


Hello I've just noticed in being billed for a service I know nothing about, $54 at the moment, I was wondering how you could help me unsubscribe and block all premium SMS services, as I don't want to keep on getting billed, I haven't got any messages from the service, to be able to reply with stop, so if you could help that would be great, thanks 

Re: Waala mobile subscription


All good I've found the messages so iveI unsubscribed, is there any way of getting my money back, the reason I wasn't getting the messages was because I had my Facebook Messenger set as default message app, so they weren't coming through, so yeah I was wondering if anyone could help me with the steps on getting a refund, oneI noticed, this as been happening for weeks, but this is the first time I got a message from Optus telling me I was a bit over in money on what was included in my plan, any help would be great.


Re: Waala mobile subscription


@engaus43, I've just sent you a private message.


You're welcome to chat with us there. 


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