VolTE not working on S9 Plus


I recently switched from different provider to Optus and had an issue with VolTE.

The option to turn the VolTE and wifi-calling option ON is not working at my phone and cannot find that toggle too under the settings.

I tried to troubleshoot with Tech Support and they say the option is enabled on Backend side.

I tried to insert my previous sim and see the option but as soon as I insert optus Sim, I cannot find that option to toggle it ON.

Is this happening to all? I would love to have this problem solved.

Note: My device is Non Optus Samsung S9 Plus....

Thank You

Re: VolTE not working on S9 Plus

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Most likely too easy an answer.

I have a Optus supplied pixel 3xl with VoLTE enabled and working but it does not show the VoLTE setting.   

Are you sure VoLTE is not working on your phone?

With regard to wifi calling the device has to be an Optus phone.




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Re: VolTE not working on S9 Plus


Yeah I thought it was from the S8 onwards that the toggle removed, definitely the S9.


That said though, I have a Note 9 and it ALWAYS reverts back to 3G when making/receiving calls and I've had no luck getting support to fix. If you get anywhere, please share how

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Re: VolTE not working on S9 Plus


Yeah Same. Change to H+ while making a call...

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