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New Contributor Graybay
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My phone has suddenly stopped allowing callers to leave a voicemail and now sends me a voicemail via text. I’d prefer my callers to hear my greeting and leave a message as I feel this is a more professional look whilst trying to manage a small business. Can you help me swap these settings back? I have tried calling 159 didn’t help. I have also called 321 and reconfirmed greeting message etc but hasn’t swapped it over either.. 

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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: Voicemail

Hey @Graybay, it sounds like Voice to Text may be enabled on your plan. Check out this guide to remove it → Voice to Text: FAQ, Add or Remove


To turn Voice to Text on you must also have Voicemail active. See our article on activating voicemail if you need help.

  • SMS: Text the word ON or OFF to 7746
  • Online: Use My Account

To switch Voice to Text off, log in to My Account.

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