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Voicemail suddenly not working


This is happening repeatedly but my voicemail although I have never altered settings have suddenly stopped working. Checked all settings on account and it’s definitely on. Called Optus 2 days ago still not sorted. My practice is not able to take any messages from customers. Anyone had similar experience?

Re: Voicemail suddenly not working


Are you talking the traditional voicemail or diverting to some 3rd party "message taking service"?


If you dial 321, does it welcome you to your Optus voicemail service?

Yes > then your diversions need to be checked

No > voicemail isn't active.

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Re: Voicemail suddenly not working


No, I’m afraid my experience with Optus has been really one of the worst with this one. I have just filed a case with ombudsman as I thought this really needs dealing with. I rang again on Monday after the weekend which they promised would be fixed, and the officer after trying told me the “Optus system” is not allowing her to change anything so she needs to file a case again.  Come Tuesday, again nothing, and no call from Optus re progress. I finally rang again Tuesday evening and complained that I’m losing out on referrals to my practice as no voicemail can be left for appointment. Wednesday - suddenly I’m set up with “voice to mms” (didn’t even know this paid service even exists as no Optus person told me about this either before changing me over to this PAID service) - got fed up, went back to Optus webpage account, and this time around I could set up (reactivate) my voicemail. I have no idea why this happened (voicemail not working) and why Optus could not fix it, but no apologies and no offer for compensation whatsoever last few days, I’m just amazed why the service standard has dropped to this at Optus. Will wait for response from Optus complaint team (filed, again not response yet) and telecom ombudsman complaint resolution. 


Re: Voicemail suddenly not working


Using the 1509 option worked for these customers: Voicemail not working on Optus

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