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I am occassionally on call for work.  I divert one of three mobiles to my personal phone depending on who has been allocated which phone at the time.

I would like my personal voicemail greeting to always be enabled unless the incoming call is diverted from one of the work mobiles and i miss picking up the call.  Is this possible?

Alternatively, what would be a better option? 

Can i set up a default voicemail message and setup a secondary message that can be my message for a week at a time then default back to the original message?

Re: Voicemail options from diverted phone


Hey @Crawfy, thanks for reaching out to us. If I get this right you do not want voicemail only when the incoming call is diverting from one of your work mobiles to your personal mobile? At all other times you want voicemail to work? If this is correct then unfortunately that is not possible. If you miss a call whether it is diverting or a normal incoming call it will go to voicemail regardless. Secondly, there is no secondary voicemail message service with us, I`m afraid. Check out this link with all voicemail information.

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Re: Voicemail options from diverted phone

I do wish to have all calls I miss go to voicemail. I do not wish to exclude any incoming calls. I wanted to know if I could use a secondary voicemail greeting for those incoming calls that have been diverted from an alternate number. All missed calls direct to my mobile would listen to my default message. According to multiple greetings can be set up and scheduled. I was hoping this could be configured differently. I'll have to stick to manually changing my schedule settings I guess.
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