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New Contributor

Voicemail not working


my voicemail is not working however callers get the missed call service message for a short message to be sent as an audio. 

I call 321 and can hear my greeting but it doesn’t seem like it’s activated, I turned the missed call service off however that made my phone alert people that the caller was busy with disconnecting signal. 

This has only Happened since I upgraded my phone before Christmas. 

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Trusted Contributor

Re: Voicemail not working

You simply need to divert your mobile to voicemail instead of the missed call service.


Dial these numbers using your normal "I'm making a call keypad" and hit dial.


Not answered after 30 seconds: **61*61411000321*30#

Switched Off/Unavailable: **62*61411000321#

On Phone: **67*61411000321#


If you have an iPhone, you can follow these instructions too:

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