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Voicemail not working on Optus

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I have just ported my number from Virgin to Optus.

When I try to set up voicemail, it says my number is invalid.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Not good to hear... Can I ask if you can make and receive calls from your Optus service?


Sometimes it can take up to 4hrs post activation for all features to begin working, so if you just got set up, there may be a delay in this being made available. If you wanted to get some more info on different set up steps, you can check this out here.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks Shae.


No problem with calls after the 4hr wait yesterday.

I tried the setup steps but still get the "invalid number" when I input it into the voicemail access.



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If you call 321, do you get any voicemail options? if not, it might be worth contacting the Live Chat team for mobile tech in that case to ensure that it's provisioned correctly.


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It happens when i call 321.

It asks me to input my phone number and then says it is invalid.

I will try to get in touch with someone.

Thanks again.

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Same thing is happening to me 👎🏽

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To me as well. Not a great onboarding experience!


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I had been having this problem for quite a while and did some digging to fix it for myself.


Contrary to the “solution” given above, the reason you’ll be getting this message is because your account’s voicemail has not been setup yet. This can be easily done in about 5 minutes by dialing 1509 (free call), and doing a quick automated setup with a bot. All you need to do is navigate to the voicemail part of the automated system, then select the number that corresponds with “activate your voicemail”. A code will be promptly sent to your phone number, and your voicemail should be set up.


Hire me Optus

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Nice one, MaxT!

The original solution suggests to contact our Live Chat team to ensure voicemail is provisioned, in your case it sounds like it already was and you just had to set it up using the self serve 1509 option. Thank you for sharing, very helpful info for our forum community! ☺️ 

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You are incredible to have found and posted this - after spending 30 mins with someone in India to try to turn my voicemail on again, then have it remail inactive, your posting this 1509 number is gold.  


Have switched from Telstra and very unhappy with Optus so far. No visual voicemail.  Serious delays receiving voicemails (when it WAS turned on).  Have never heard of this 1509 number before - just kept getting stuck with dialling 321 and it giving no options after reporting my number unrecognised.


Optus should totally hire you (unless you've already switched to another carrier!)


tahnks again.

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