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New Contributor

Voicemail access

I'm currently in the uk


Ive not used my phone for about 3 weeks to avoid the rip off roaming fees.


I turned it on today to check messages and i have 4 voicemails. 

However i can't access them because it's asking for a pin. I've never ever had to enter a pin before.


Not only that. When i tried to log onto live chat out endlessly tired to connect with no success. 


Not happy with you guys at Optus and my contract is up in Feb. I'll be switching.  

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Re: Voicemail access

Hello Arwel. I'm sorry for the delay. Did you get through to Live Chat? We can reset your voicemail PIN for you. If you would like our help, please send us a private message confirming your phone number, full name and date of birth. Thank you and sorry again for the delay. 

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