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I am glad that Optus is listening to the feedback of its users.  Voice to text helps me to run my business more efficiently.  I can screen the messages that I have received as a business owner.  I provide support to my clients and by seeing the messages, I can see who needs me urgently or they can wait until I can get back to them.  Having a file sent to your handset so you can listen to it, you may not always be in the environment to play back to you straightaway.  So if it was urgent, then you could the client real pain.  Plus having the text messages on your phone, you can always go back to the message if you want to check some details.  I believe as a business owner, voice to text, you should not be without and especially if you rely on your  Mobile so that your clients/customers have access to you.

Please Optus, don;t plan for more so call improvement.


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 Let’s hope that this commonsense approach and the level of convenience it provides clients specially not having to write down notes on the go after listening to voice messages actually continues and maybe even improves .


 I never thought I’d say this but well done Optus-  nervously in the hope that it becomes a permanent thing and Optus actually sees that it’s a worthwhile service and the fact it’s a paid service I can’t understand what the issue was for scrapping it .

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I am hoping that Optus do the right thing by us.  I was paying $15.00 per month with Telstra for a reasonable good service.  I am happy for Optus to charge us more than what they were charging before as this service saves me time and effort. As you said we don't have to write down messages etc  I don't understand why Optus would even think of canceling this service.  Have no idea about their so called logic.

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I have just been advised by Optus that voice to text is no longer active and the website is out of date. They stated the replacement options are voice to MMS ($4.49 - why would you bother?) or voicemail (free). I agree with others - this was one of the best things about Optus and I cannot imagine why anyone would not have wanted it. 


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Hi there, an updated announcement is coming very soon.

Please check in on this blog for when it is released.

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