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New Contributor

VoLTE on Prepaid

Hi, I have just switched from Telstra to Optus Prepay. Mobile coverage is sketchy where I live on southern Mornington Peninsular. With Telstra VoLTE and Wi Fi calling was possible which was great and would be invaluble in an emergency. Optus Prepay does not allow VoLTE or WiFi calling, which I did not realise when I changed. This is putting non metro people like myself with poor molile coverage but OK home broadband at potential risk.

Why cant you enable VoLTE for Prepaid when you have it for Post Paid or if you can how do I do it?

When are you going to enable it?

Why are you so far behind other carriers in VoLTE and WiFi calling for prepay?

It is poor that you are putting commercial intrests above customer safety when you could easily enable VoLTE and WiFi calling.

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Respected Contributor

Re: VoLTE on Prepaid

Its one of the "benefits" of postpaid apparently.
Its a question that you wont get an answer from Optus in regards to.
It will happen for when 3g closes down, but Optus has not provided that date.