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VoLTE & Wi-Fi calling with Pixel 4 on Optus

How do I turn on VoLTE on a Google Pixel 4?

I got an SMS from Optus telling me "Your phone comes equipped with the VoLTE and WiFi Calling enhanced call features. We'll be setting these up for you within the next 4 hours. You can then turn them ON and OFF via your mobile phone's settings."

I can find the WiFi Calling settings and I have turned it on, but eight hours after receiving the SMS, I cannot find the VoLTE setting mentioned in the instructions linked in the SMS

The Android instructions are for a Samsung Phone, so the screens don't match, but I can find nothing on any Pixel forum about VoLTE setting.

Can the hive mind help? Do I need to turn on a separate setting for VoLTE or is turning on Wi-Fi calling on a Pixel enough?

Pixel 4

Android 10 5/4/20 security patch and 1/02/2020 system update

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