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New Contributor DeezNuts
New Contributor

Visa problem when signing a new contract in store

I plan to upgrade my S8 (optus contract) when it reaches one year (its a lease) for $99 to whatever new phone I desire.

Question is I might run into some visa trouble because by getting a new phone I need to sign a new 24months plan, but my visa probably will expire in sooner than 24 months.

Will the staff check your visa in the store? I assume they will need it and have a look, will they photocopy it? Will they check the visa expiry date online(by using government database like VEVO)?


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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Visa problem when signing a new contract in store

@DeezNuts, if you were to recontract the service, we'd run an internal credit check. If your circumstances have changed, you might inform Optus before proceeding with the recontract. 

As per our ID requirement, the duration of your VISA must align with the duration of your contract term. 


I'd head into the store and ask to discuss your options with a sales associate. 

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