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Virgin to Optus porting slow, sucks, lost my number...

Virgin to Optus sales campaign ? Squarely this should have been pre-planned a whole lot better.

I switch One Virgin Account with 2 phones. 1 Ported and came online quickly and easily. The SIM card for eht 2nd phone was not shipped and now mysteriously lost in Optus business processes from April 24th to today (May 7) and the forecast is up to another 7 days with no mobile service.

You have had Virgin on your network for 10+ years under a long standing reseller or partnering arrangement, so why is this conversion process so cumbersome ?

Virgin have closed all their Australian stores so if there are any problems in the Virgin process, there's little or no help. For example The Cranbourne Optus rep took my Virgin SIM and gave me an Optus SIM, and now Virgin will NOT and CANNOT supply a replacement SIM. Catastrophe for me. (Lesson: Don't let anyone take your Virgin SIM until you are successfully converted to your new target carrier)

I have no mobile service. So unhappy I could cry.

I've raised a TIO complaint to the Ombudsman...this is totally unacceptable in today's market and today's technology.

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Re: Virgin to Optus porting slow, sucks, lost my number...

As you've gone straight to the last step, you've kind of limited what anyone can do.


In this "day and age", you need to be aware transferring within the same carrier IS NOT porting, it's basically changing the account holder on the back end. It's a painful thing when it goes wrong. The Optus rep would have believed that transferring it would have been within a few hours, and wasn't trying to be disingenuous towards you.

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