Virgin Porting to Optus Issue


Hi everyone,

Seems im in the same boat as many people who tried to port their Virgin numbers to Optus. Can someone please offer some advice or help me out with this - I had the number 'ported' over a month ago but it didn't work (Optus Store, Chat and Phone service all say its activated). Got a replacment sim - obviously that hasnt ported either even though all of the Optus customer service channels say its active.


As many people had this same issue, can someone please tell me how it is resolved? I need my phone working like everyone else!


Thanks in advance,


Re: Virgin Porting to Optus Issue


Hi Rusty,

Please describe what issue you're having in a little more detail.

Does your mobile service not work at all? No incoming/outgoing calls/texts, can't use mobile data, etc.?

What does your screen say when the activated SIM is inserted? What phone are you using?

Have you tried putting the SIM in another phone?

This issue hasn't been a topic posted here on Yes Crowd recently so sounds a little strange.

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