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Virgin Mobile to Optus + Team Mbr Discount..?



This is a bit of a complex situation. 


  • I am currently on a Virgin Mobile plan, currently in the 11th month of the plan's cycle.
  • I would like to upgrade to a new plan for $99 on Optus in late December, when the plan will reach 12 months
  • I also work at Coles part-time, and would like to use the 10% off discount. 


First of all, is it actually possible to sign up to a new 24 month plan using the discount while taking up the $99 upgrade offer? Do I need to visit an Optus store and consult them in person? 


King Regards,


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Re: Virgin Mobile to Optus + Team Mbr Discount..?

Hi @rk_mm - it's difficult to say for certain as the Virgin offers are system generated and can be unique to you. Can you send through a private message with a screenshot of the Virgin offers you've been provided? 


In regard to the Coles discount, you'll need to sign up via the employee link provided to you to take advantage of that 10% discount. 

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