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New Contributor TE96
New Contributor

Very unhappy

So, I’m posting here to vent my frustration, because nobody at Optus seems to listen to me. 


Im a diabetic and epileptic, I need a working phone with me at all times for emergencies. It could mean life or death. 


Ive recently found my phone is dying, so I needed to upgrade a month and a bit early. I ordered a new phone and plan online, and was told that there would be no cost at all to me. A day later I get an email asking me to call in reference to the order, I call, give details, and double check that there will be no cost in the process to me. I was once again told that there’s no cost at all, and to expect a confirmation email within 24 hours with tracking info on my new phone. 


3 days go by. No email, I call, thinking maybe the email address was incorrect in their system. No. I get told that I have to pay a $99 fee to upgrade my plan (handset fee). I have documentation from the 17th (two or so weeks earlier) saying my handset fee was $47? I asked her to cancel the order so I could go instore and figure out what is going on. She says it’s all canceled, no problems. 


I go instore the the next day and the order hasn’t been cancelled, so hey cannot access any information. I leave, call again, ask for it to be cancelled again, they cancel it. I go back instore, SAME THING. Hasn’t been cancelled yet. I call again and am put through to a supervisor and assured that it has been cancelled, even receiving a text message confirming it. I go back in and it STILL ISNT CANCELLED. 


I called the shop this morning, hoping maybe it’s just a lag once the system, nope. Still not cancelled, I call at 1pm today, and cancel it AGAIN. Voila! This time it’s been cancelled. 


I live chat chat to see the cost of canceling all together because I can’t  handle this bull anymore. Apparently my handset fee is now $66?! 


What is the truth, here? Because I’ve been told it’s free, it’s $43, $93, and now $66? 


Youve lost another customer. I’m done. You can’t stress people out like this. I need a phone for serious medical reasons and I’m being messed around constantly. 

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Occasional Contributor Benmaisey
Occasional Contributor

Re: Very unhappy

Optus customer service is horrendous !

Retired Employee MouniraH
Retired Employee

Re: Very unhappy

Hi TE96


We sincerley apologise for your experience and hoping we can turn your experience around for you shortly as I have escalated your issue.




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RetiredModerator Pete

Re: Very unhappy

Hey TE96,


This isn't what we like to hear and I can appreciate your concerns with this Smiley Sad

I will be able to look into this for you and pass on your feedback about your experience.


If you could please PM me through your full name, d/o/b and mobile number, I'll then be able to get the ball rolling on this.


Looking forward to giving you a hand with this.

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