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Upgrading phone, student discount already redeemed but still a student



I am about to upgrade my daughter's phone and plan early (contract finishes in May 2019) as the phone is having some problems so instead of getting it fixed wanted to upgrade instead.

When I began this plan (May 2017) I applied a student discount code as she is a university student. This time around the code we were emailed did not work and the person I spoke with over Optus chat told me it is because the code is the same one issued in May 2017 and therefore has already been redeemed. Apparently it is impossible to issue a new one (she has three years left in her degree so would still be a student when the new plan finished!).

We have had great service from Optus in the past but I don't understand the logic behind this.

Any help would be appreciated 🙂 

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Re: Upgrading phone, student discount already redeemed but still a student

Hmm, that's a valid point @donald1628


I'd have thought that as long as the promotion is still current - we'll continue to apply the student discount.


I have found the following question within the offer FAQ's


  1. How many promo codes can a student use?
  2. Only one promo code will be given to each student. Promo codes are single use codes and will expire after one use.


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