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Unwanted subscription


Hey guys, was scrolling through Facebook, clicked on a button and then received a text msg from quizikoo saying I had subscribed and they were charging me $14.90. I absolutely do not want to be charged this. How do I go about blocking this from appearing on my bill?


Re: Unwanted subscription


In theory, Optus stopped acceepting charges from these scammers in February. (Its long and tordid part of Optus business practices and don't get me started). 


Anyway, send STOP back to the number involved.

Also log into MY ACCOUNT and confirm your premium SMS limit is set to $0


After that wait for you bill to appear (you can't head this off at the pass). In all likelyhood you've hit a legacy scam link and while they can send the SMS they can't actually do anything more than that (now). If by some chance the $14.90 appears Optus can then refute and remove it on request.




Peter Gillespie


Re: Unwanted subscription


Thanks for the info Peter. Have followed your advice.


Much appreciated!

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