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New Contributor

Unwanted government spam messages

I received an unsolicited SMS about 1:30 today from Optus which gave no option to reply or opt out.

The message tried to persuade me to download a tracking app distributed by the government.

I want to register with Optus my absolute opposition to that kind of marketing from Optus or any other company, and my strong objection to it being pushed on network users via SMS without solicitation or permission from users.

Could you please pass my objections on to your marketing manager, the relevant State or Commonwealth minister or whoever was responsible for these highly offensive SMS messages.

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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: Unwanted government spam messages

The government can send you text messages. There's no law against it (they make the laws) and there's nothing Optus can do to prevent it.

If you have an issue please take it up with your local member of Parliament.